About Us

We are Lauren and Colleen, Craigslist roommates turned business partners and friends. Yes, you read that right. We are the people who met their roommates on Craigslist. To be fair, it has worked out pretty well for us. 
During the pandemic, we started a Sunday morning coffee and couch hang out. One afternoon we began discussing two things. The thing that brought us joy during the pandemic and our dream for the eventual post pandemic world. 
The first thing was candles. Both of us had spent time buying scents and filling our rooms with scents that made us happy. Each of us had a favorite candle, it complimented our space and the aroma left us a little bit happier. 

The second was our careers. What was the next step? How could we possibly not do more? We both felt we needed to live a little bit more. Maybe the next step for us was to be a little bit brave. And we decided to be brave and pour a little bit of ourselves into something more. 

So why candles? We wanted a product for you to snap your fingers and spark light into your life. Thus Snap & Spark was created. The labels are inspired by a classic snapshot and capture the mood of the candles.