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Snap and Spark

Boom, Roasted

Sometimes you want to hit the snooze button, other times you just don’t want to listen to that coworker forget to mute their mic. It’s times like that our strongest coffee candle has your back, the scent is like sticking you face into a bag of coffee beans it’s that good. You’ll be awake in no time.

Facts: Our candles are vegan and 100% USA-grown soy wax. Cotton wicks and phthalate-free scents. Because we care about what ingredients you burn.  

Candle Care: We know you'll love this candle; therefore, we want to make sure your candle burns to its fullest potential. Please remember: 

  • Allow your candle to burn for at least 2-3 hours the first time you light it. Creating an even "melt pool" will ensure your candle burns evenly. 
  • Trim your wick to ¼". Seriously. Respect the wick. 
  • Keep your candle in a safe area. It is good practice not to leave a candle alone for a prolonged time. Candles get lonely, so please keep an eye on them.

Top: Coffee

Middle: Sugar

Base: Coffee, Cream

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